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FIFA ARAB CUP Qatar 2021 & FIFA WORLD CUP Qatar 2022

Overlay Delivery

We managed to supply a high experienced overlay team from various countries on a fast track mode to work in a incredibly difficult environment, with cultural challenges and high pressure delivery schedule.

ARENA has been appointed by Mosanada/Aspire to provide specialized overlay manpower deployment services.

ARENA has mobilized a team of 50 staff (overlay cluster and venue manager)s in a record time of 1 month, to supervise the delivery of overlays from bump-in to bump-out on over 150 venues for FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and FIFA World Cup 2022.

Our network and reputation in delivering global sports events played a key factor in the delivery of this project.

The chosen team over excelled themselves and were able to deliver the FIFA Arab Cup n less than 3 months! (average from mobilization to event kick-off).




  • Strategy Consulting
  • Talent Management & Recruitment
  • Overlay Management


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