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Our deep technical knowledge, combined with flexibility, allows us to translate guidelines between different event functional areas. With a track record over more than 15 years of expertise, we have established strong partnerships and collaborated on delivering projects that have created new experience memories on thousands of people around the world.

We have successfully supported several world class major events, such as FIFA World Cups, Olympic Games, Copa Libertadores and Copa America, host wide different cultural and technical environments. We are also proud and happy to plan and act in other scale experiences, such as music/art festivals, cultural parades and entertainment events.

Our services range from technical deliverables, such as conceptual/technical drawings or operational planning exercises up to overall event concept of operations and setting organizing structures to a smooth and smart delivery, always focusing on a lasting legacy local interface.

Having the privilege of being grown on site and experienced the sweat, the pain, the heat and ecstasy of the delivery, we are proud of not having a theoretical mindset profile background. This is the school makes us flexible, adaptive, practical, fast and client custom made.

That’s the way ARENA’s support event challenges: leading operations, managing processes and delivering solutions for functional areas with simplicity and effectiveness.


Delivering events with venue knowledge

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Design, management and delivery solutions for event legacy & temporary infrastructure

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