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Arena Gávea

Designing a charming home for a football giant

AENA and sister company Re\Venue developed a complete feasibility study, including concept design and a business plan for a possible new stadium for Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro. Located at the Club’s headquarters at Gávea, the 20.000 capacity stadium was planned to be an alternative site for the 70.000 capacity Maracanã for lower demand events, hosting some of the regular season matches of the professional team, as well as Flamengo’s U-20, U-17, U-15 and Women’s Teams home matches. With a central and spectacular location in Rio de Janeiro, the stadium would also feature state of the art premium and event areas and would serve as an experience destination for millions of Flamengo’s fans and football lovers that visit Rio de Janeiro every year, offering with a wide variety of attractions, from theme restaurants to a museum, a 3 storage superstore, kids entertainment and an amazing rooftop with one of the best views of Rio.


CR Flamengo


  • Feasibility Study
  • Architecture
  • Budget Development
  • Business Planning


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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