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Administrative Headquarters Porto Alegre City Council- Architecture Competition

Integrating the environment in a inclusive and sustainable building

This architecture competition demonstrated the ARENA’s technical team flexibility also to propose interesting architecture solutions for other building typologies. Representing the real democratic values of the City Council, the complex values transparency and openness to the public, inviting the user to appropriate the dynamic space. The design proposal also aims to offer the user and visitor of the Porto Alegre City Council building the visual comfort that its surroundings offer. The building position on site plan seeks to create a reference as a landmark in the city without disrespecting the architecture of the existing building, allowing everyone to both enjoy the relationship with the adjacent park and to value the beautiful view of the Guaíba River.

One of the project premises is the use of local materials that aim to provide better energy and sustainable performance, focusing on environmental comfort and minimum maintenance, targeting an environmental certificate.


Porto Alegre Municipality


  • Technical Consultancy
  • Architecture Support
  • Operational Guidance


Porto Alegre, Brazil



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